Week full of positive life changes

I know you have the power ladies to make any life changes you haveĀ  ! You want to feel healthy ? look it ? Well here is you chance to do it with a motivating and inspiring group of girls !


You need to motivate to do so …. only YOU CAN DO… set the body on fire to feel the good.


We are rocking tomorrow 6om Thursday 6pm and Saturday 8am all at the downtown convention center front stairs. We will be there waiting for you to give it a try. This is the time for you to relieve any stress or concern you have.


Byou Women’s Boot Camp is changing your body !


Core, tighten, lose weight, feel healthy, be healthier..


20140322-103228.jpgWe are motivating, toning, and losing weight this week… Wednesday & Thursday of this week only !!



Changes are happening !


Shout out to Elizabeth for losing up to 20 pounds in the last 4 months see is losing burning and gaining muscle … This is possible with all of your motivation.

Changes are happening and results are showing I am a happy coach ! :) join our happiness :)

Saturday boot camp


I am proud how much these ladies have progressed. Never think you can’t do it because you most certainly can do it !
Today they did a lunge challenge, mountains climbers butt buster, abs they had a sweat going and pushed as hard as possible.

Proud coach to see them struggle to the end of the reps but happy to seem them finish.

They are all losing weight looking and feeling tone. The results are showing from working hard !

Set your goals, motivate to an extreme.. Challenge yourself !

Coach !


Coach finished her 8k working for her 1st half marathon stay tuned happening soon !
You can do anything you want your able too, you are strong and healthy! Never hesitate !
Swim figure suit is here in Tampa fl b you want to have the best looking body with that bathing suit. Lose weight, tone feel great! Don’t miss our boot camps held, Convention center down town Tampa, Fl front Stairs.
Monday, Wednesday’s, and Thursdays at 6PM & Saturdays at 8AM !

Join our classes for a new you feel the challenge be the challenge! You can do it !

BYou N lose it !

Lose it this week this month this is your chance to change your life. Feel the best you have ever felt.
A healthy life, fit body & and a wonderful you !
You can get all the work out you want with setting you mind to it !


Join our classes :

Monday, Wed, & Thurs 6pm and Sat 8am.

Lose weight, get tone, feel great !

Wednesday Crunch day

Push until your body speaks ! Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t ! Lose it with me, tone with me, gain with me.
You will get your results you want in no time. Set your mind and body to do so.


Convention center front stairs meet point !
Get your results now ! Fit word fit body !


February Fat Burning month

Join your boot camp to lose the inches gain the muscle !


Fill in the blank b fit world !


Do you question yourself at times, why you work out !?

Most importantly should be for your health ! For YOU ! To Be you ! Fit You, you you !

Motivation to fill in the blank is easy ! You can ! Break away to your daily routine to lose weight gain muscle simple feel healthy !

BYou !

February’s Fit fat burning Class schedule !