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Who wants abs ? Don’t we all ? We’ll easy .. Lose the fat, eat less and exercise more ! Get real with your body because I it’s real ! Join our team and you will be amazed !


Happy Friday Tips for you all from your coach ! Enjoy follow us on FB, Blog BYou Women’s Boot Camp, Twitter ! Remember you are beautiful in any snap or form ! I be alive you can challenge your body to an amazing change ! Be your self and Try a a different active activity this weekend and share with us !

Your coach.

Tough Tuesday boot campers !


I am your fitness coach and I am going to help you achieve your goals to a better healthier lifestyle ! Check out our boot camps just right at our Down Town Tampa water front Convention center outside stairs. Commit to a better you and a better healthier way of life … If you need a coach I am here for you to motivate you into a tone YOU !

Coach on the Wall at FitLife Foods

Your coach is making a difference in people’s life in ways you have no idea … Let’s keep making the changes by living a healthier life style. Work out ! motivate and dedicate yourself to your body ! Join me !


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Don’t forget amazing changes with our boot camps join us this week !


Tone-lose weight- gain muscle- motivate for you

Hump Day Boot Camp


A list in which you come to my boot camps and be yourself ! Amazing changes and challenges.

Your invited and so our your friends, don’t hold back ITS FUN!

Most importantly you come and Be yourself.

location : Down a Town Tamp convention center front stairs 6pm tonight , tomorrow 6pm!!

Coach Paulette


Saturday June 21st Myself Coach Paulette will run a FREE boot camp at FitLife Foods Fit Club 9-10am FREE breakfast right after Yummy ! Join us for a wonderful FitLife Saturday start, feel fresh the rest of your day! BYou Women’s Boot Camp !


Use this


I will say this will work for you all … Follow this chart for a healthier your !

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Monday’s 6pm Wednesday’s 6pm Thursday’s 6pm & Saturday’s 8am All 1 hour long boot camps

Your Body hear everything your mind says so do it right with BYou Women’s Boot Camp

Having trouble toning, losing weight, feeling and looking good ? We’ll let me help you take this step to a healthy lifestyle?!

                                  *** BELIEVE IN YOURSEL, YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK ***

Biceps, Triceps and abs Wednesday !


Proud coach to see the motivation and dedication my boot-campers have ! They come after work, taking care of kids, from home…. To work towards their goals ! They come with a positive attitude some quiet others happy ! But they all leave very energized and happy to go home. 1 hour can make a huge difference on how you are feeling about your day !

This ladies worked their arms, back and abs they used all their force. very proud coach and look forward for many more inspiration for my ladies.

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Coach Paulette