Don’t Wait For Tomorrow !

Don’t wait for tomorrow for who you are today. Your way is the only way to motivate everything in life. Being the person you were created to be is the person whom you really are.

I was always dreaming to be who I wanted to be. I wanted to dream to be someone else but who I really am is this women in this picture who has pushed herself throughout life to create a beautiful women. I love who I am, I love what I do and most importantly I love to push every women to feel great with themselves. You are the person who smiles every day, fortunate enough to be in this world today. You look in the mirror everyday and see the beautiful you. I look at myself every day and see a beautiful me. When I am training for my classes I see the beauty in me and in you. I always tell myself if I can, you can as well. 

Don’t be scared to love and care for yourself. It’s a natural thing to do and feel that YOU are great. I was there before I was scared to love myself and feel happy. Now I love myself and love my body.

This tire to me is a great endurance strength training. Every time I work with it I feel a great and want to keeping pushing to be stronger. Feel stronger today, don’t wait for tomorrow to feel stronger. The strength is in you and you have to reach out and grab the strength you have in you.

Have the motivation inside of you break that ice and HAVE FUN ! Are you bored of the gym ? Do you think the gym is expensive ? All honestly, I think so !!! I have a gym membership but the question is, do I go all the time? NO WAY ! Why ? I don’t need to because I have my own strength and motivation to do it on my own and with others.

Especially when the gym can get boring and your waiting around for machines, that awkward moment when someone is standing right next to the machine to use it, don’t you dislike that ? I sure do ! Or that moment were you want to work your abs and all the space is being used and you really want to get those abs working ! ohhh I know that feeling alright.

The expenses, a gym membership is like a range of $30-$60 a month and when that year comes up you have maintenance FEE, LIKE REALLY maintenance fee of like an extra $40 on top of your $30-60 membership, that just hit you that week were you tried to save some money for that amazing trip you had planned. Oh I have been there !

Motivation at the gym is not the same as the motivation working with others. The motivation at the gym for me is my Pandora, on blast ! As well I motivate myself, tell myself great things that will push me through my time at the gym. At the gym you don’t have others to tell you ” you did great ” ” go for it girl” “push harder, I know you can do this” ” go hard or go home” ” look at us girls “. In a group of girls starting off with a stretch and a run we have each other to laugh, run, walk, push each other to the end. Us as girls with other girls we are like sisters and best friends, we want the best.

Break out of your shell and give your all to your self.



Why Byou Women’s Boot Camp

Why BYou Women’s boot camp ? I want every women to be motivated to be themselves, to trust, have confidence, feel free, most important be who you want to be, feel free and happy with their body ! Our body is the most beautiful piece we have in us.

We don’t want to look perfect but we would love to feel perfect. Healthy, most importantly it’s not all about the looks. Healthy is number one my girls, I want you to feel healthy. Feel that your body is stunning.

It’s not about how fast you run or how fast you finished your reps it’s about the fun you had with your body the entire time you pushed yourselves through that workout. Wipe the sweat after, feel how happy your body is and turning out to be.

BYou is all about being you, being who you really are, not who you really are at work, school, home, church, ect, BYou.

I know, and I see it in you already, you are motivated to change your life to a better healthier you.

Believe, sweat and Go !