A fun-active weekend !

A fun-active weekend !

Tampa was a full weekend for me, and I enjoyed it to the max. Starting off with attending my women’s conference with all my sisters at my church ( The Crossing Church ) Friday evening and Saturday after my 2 classes at the gym.
I have to say it was a challenge this weekend with all the run around. In which I enjoyed tremendously. Instructed two classes, my Zumba 9am and subbed a boot camp class right after at 10am. I probably had like 20 seconds had to catch my breath. But it felt so good to have that double dose. Helping women I had not even met before with their strength, endurance, and motivation. The ladies at gym boot camp even gave me a nickname ( grasshopper ). This name came from after I demonstrated a good mountain climber. They loved it, they said how do I do that with my legs, so fast and so firm. I told them I can, so can you. When they finished their 1 hour of boot camp, I expressed how wonderful it was to meet them all and cheer them on. They were all so fascinated with my work and asked me if I teach some place else. I handed a flyer to the ladies promoting my Women’s boot camp business. Motivated them to come on by. Right after the classes I attended my women’s conference with my sisters receiving a beautiful message.
Sunday morning, I did a lot of stretching I stretched for about 30 minutes, because ladies the most important part before a work out is a GOOD stretch. All of the muscle in your body need to loosen up. So I did it before I started with my 9am client, in which she is working super hard. She is looking to lose weight, tone, get more cardio, get fit, eat healthier, build endurance, eat her meals early, eat smaller portions, self esteem, and most importantly she is working on feeling more motivated. My client is working hard and I have so much faith in her she is looking to lose 30 pounds by December. We will push more and more every time we meet. When we don’t meet I have instructed her to do on her own. I did tell her she will NOT lose weight and get healthy with my time she has to put her time as well. On the days she does not see me she has routines she has to follow. Along with eating healthy, taking her BodyByVi shakes 2x a day and lots of water. I was very happy to give her more cardio on Sunday morning we ran for 15 minutes and she did a couple sprints which got her heart rate going for some jumping jacks right after. Ended my Sunday with more stretching and some football.

SO ladies that being said:
In the area of Tampa/Brandon If you are looking for a great motivating, strength training, lose weight, fun class you have to give it a shot Wednesdays Sterling Ranch Park 6:45pm-7:45pm And first class is totally on me, running a special in which is so affordable 5 Classes for $40.00, because come on I use to attend boot camp-cross fit classes they are not cheap. This group classes are designed to help you in every way.
As soon as we get more girls to come I would like to start off with some girls Downtown Monday nights 6:30pm-7:30pm starting your run at the convention center, so if you are in the area of down town in looking for a motivating fun class and affordable to attend please let me know we will get that class up and going !!!!

**Lose weight, tone, motivate, strength training … we do it all**

Happy Week October is here!!! I am getting ready to get on a cruise with Royal Caribbean in 2 days to coco-Bahamas ! Can’t wait, I will share with you all… Oh I am packing gym clothes to try out the track around the ship ! Ha HA ! Staying active even on Vacation!