Is training easy ? No ! Do I love it, Yes !

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Is training easy, NO Do I personally love it absolutely! 🙂  Why do I love it, my number one reason aside from being a coach I love feeling the earth in my own world when training. What do I mean, I am in my own world, running, sprinting, push ups, bur pees, squats ….I enjoy motivating and doing this to my body. We all should enjoy this because we make our body stronger by doing this. If you feel no energy talk to a friend motivate one another because the energy is there you probably need a boost. I coach my boot camps but doesn’t mean I don’t go for a 5 mile run a 8 mile run, an endurance training, a strength training day or even Yoga. OF course ! I need this to keep me going and you rolling!

I am young, healthy and sweet of course, but first of I enjoy making a difference in someones life let it be a motivation quote or a specific exercise they enjoyed. Anything and everything I do is to make a difference in a healthy way for all the women out there. I always believe that there is time and motivation in a women. I believe in you and if you have what it takes to do well go ahead do it today.


I enjoyed sharing my blog today I hope you did as well, hope your week is coming along and your getting an exercise in today tomorrow, Friday and even Saturday… don’t forget if you do something small Saturday your weekend already had a jump start ! Enjoy 


Fitness Coach Paulette, BYou !


Monday bootcamp



100% results guaranteed !

Who wants abs ? Don’t we all ? We’ll easy .. Lose the fat, eat less and exercise more ! Get real with your body because I it’s real ! Join our team and you will be amazed !


Happy Friday Tips for you all from your coach ! Enjoy follow us on FB, Blog BYou Women’s Boot Camp, Twitter ! Remember you are beautiful in any snap or form ! I be alive you can challenge your body to an amazing change ! Be your self and Try a a different active activity this weekend and share with us !

Your coach.

Tough Tuesday boot campers !


I am your fitness coach and I am going to help you achieve your goals to a better healthier lifestyle ! Check out our boot camps just right at our Down Town Tampa water front Convention center outside stairs. Commit to a better you and a better healthier way of life … If you need a coach I am here for you to motivate you into a tone YOU !

Hump Day Boot Camp


A list in which you come to my boot camps and be yourself ! Amazing changes and challenges.

Your invited and so our your friends, don’t hold back ITS FUN!

Most importantly you come and Be yourself.

location : Down a Town Tamp convention center front stairs 6pm tonight , tomorrow 6pm!!

Coach Paulette