1 year BYou Women’s Boot Camp

Set your goals and you will get your results. Ask me ?! Better yet follow my boot camp work outs and you will get the transformation. I started my boot camp 1 year ago and the changes that have had to my body has been amazing ! I feel and look healthy.
Not only for my body but for others and I enjoy inspiring other women to better their health and look more fit. This is what I love and I enjoy every second even if I am work out triple in one day I will go that mile to help YOU tone, lose weight, gain muscle, transform … Achieve any goals you have. Continue with me in our boot camps and join today. You will get the best results of all time in 3 weeks of @byouwomensbootcamp so what are you waiting for come : train today train hard !
Location : Convention Center Front Stairs Down town Tampa,FL

Schedule :

Monday’s : 6pm -7pm
Wednesday’s : 6pm -7pm
Thursday’s : 6pm -7pm
Saturday ‘a : 8am-9am

What do you need : water, mat (if you don’t have one I have plenty, and a small towel.

Boot Camp’s 3 week challenge consist of :

Strength training, endurance, lots of cardio, toning, fat burn, motivation & self confidence.

How : easy come and BYou – Be yourself

Stretch, runs, sprints, lunges, squats, push ups, burpees, super mans, jumping jacks, table top, planks, box jumps, bear crawls, air punches… That’s not all … Come and give it a FREE 1st try and your steps away into the BYou women’s boot camp challenge!



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