Coaches love results and motivation!
Something to get you motivated this morning read others stories. People from different states improving their fitness world with all of us fitness coaches guiding them. So proud and so pumped to help this person tone with all my tools, videos, pic, quotes, YouTube channel, Instagram, FB & Blog!
Toning can be challenging!
Proud Coach to make a difference in others fitness health !
Now give me 70 squats x 5 reps ! Plus 50 in place lunges x 6 reps!!!!


Why I am a Fitness Coach ?

Being a fitness coach I am so happy and honored to be someones coach, Why ? To make a difference, to change you, to motivate you, to be your supporter, to push you, to challenge you, to make you stronger, to make you happier, to put a smile on your face, to make you sometimes sore ( a good sore ), to see you meet your goals, and to be your friend.
Am I here to show off my body ? NO way ! Am I here to be skinny ? No way! Am I here to have competition with you ?absolutely not !! Am I here to be stronger then you ? No way ! I’m here to be your coach !!!!!!
Some people tell me,you lost weight or your skinner… NO .. I am healthier and stronger … in which has made me help others feel the same.
I am here to push with you every step of the way ! And I love doing it !!! I can’t force you to do it but I can motivate and inspire you to do so ! This is why I have the personality and energy some of you already know I have because there nothing better to give a sister a hand and do what you love.
Happy Thursday everyone..let someone be your motivator or let me put a smile on your face, you deserve it !