Why I am a Fitness Coach ?

Being a fitness coach I am so happy and honored to be someones coach, Why ? To make a difference, to change you, to motivate you, to be your supporter, to push you, to challenge you, to make you stronger, to make you happier, to put a smile on your face, to make you sometimes sore ( a good sore ), to see you meet your goals, and to be your friend.
Am I here to show off my body ? NO way ! Am I here to be skinny ? No way! Am I here to have competition with you ?absolutely not !! Am I here to be stronger then you ? No way ! I’m here to be your coach !!!!!!
Some people tell me,you lost weight or your skinner… NO .. I am healthier and stronger … in which has made me help others feel the same.
I am here to push with you every step of the way ! And I love doing it !!! I can’t force you to do it but I can motivate and inspire you to do so ! This is why I have the personality and energy some of you already know I have because there nothing better to give a sister a hand and do what you love.
Happy Thursday everyone..let someone be your motivator or let me put a smile on your face, you deserve it !


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