2015 Fit-transformation

2015 is your year to transform and make your healthy life style changes. Push yourself to want it bad. It’s worth it at the end.

If you are in the area of Tampa Bay, I run my boot camps down town Tampa Convention center front stairs.
What to bring : water, a mat if you have one if not I will provide one, more water and a small towel.

First class is free.

We work out full body, we mix it up every boot camp and keep it fun.

Schedule for 2015 will remain the same: Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm Saturday 8am.

Bring your friend with you and push each other to make the big transformation of 2015.

We work on : strength training, endurance, cardio, balance, tone, build muscle, posture, balance… All levels welcome !
Email me for more information or stop by our boot camp sessions byouwomensbootcamp@gmail.com FB : byouwomensbootcamp website: byouwomensbootcamp.wordpress.com
See you in 2015 for the big body transformation




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