Whats your fitness tracker like ?

garmin watchI have been training and working out for years ! The time has come to invest in a wonderful tracker to keep me on my toes. The husband did a good job with the Forerunner Garmin 220. I have my half marathon next weekend in miami which I have preparing months for. This has been a challenge in which I have been happy enough to take. Has it been easy ? No way! But it has been a wonderful road and I am motivated to cross the finish line. The dedication and determination is with a positive attitude. This watch just gives me more of a motivation to see my numbers even better every time. Although, what I can suggest is always listen to your body, a number is just a number but your body comes first. And if you feel you can’t push harder, please listen and slow down the pace. I can speak from experience, I use to have a pace of 7 min… now I am at 8-9 due to my tendonitis on my right knee. Things happen when your an athlete, you just have to take care of yourself.

I look forward to sharing with you all my successful results and story from my half marathon in Miami. Please stay look out for my story so I can motivate you to go do one.

Thank you fro reading and have a fabulous fit week. Coach P !


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