Burpees/Squat Video. For you !

Share this video, enjoy it !


Get fit !

Happy Sunday !

That’s right ” bla bla bla ” YOU CAN DO IT AND MORE ! You have 1 week to lose 5 pounds or more to win the APRIL challenge ! Not only you person TRX private session & a gift card but also you get to be confident and tell others how you did it ! Woohoo ! So get moving !

This week boot camp full week ! Tomorrow Arms 6pm bicep, tricep, back !


Tone Tuesday !

Tone it up Tuesday ! Who’s ready for some boot camp 6pm @ convention center stairs down town Tampa ! ?

Remember when everything feels hard, you will always see the end. Stay motivated with yourself and be patient with your body. I am always pushing the word” patience” because a lot of us want change tomorrow, the change is there but the results come after. I’m so happy to change people’s lives in a healthy way and hear the challenges and fear they have faced. Fear that you never thought you had and got rid of.
I’m such a happy women to do this on a daily basis, Challenging myself as well. Life is too short and if your looking to make a change make it today. Be that beautiful women you always dreamed of. Find that strong women you always knew of. Change that women you always wanted to change. Remember fitness can be fun if you make it fun. Make your time the time to play and have fun finding the inner strength in you. This is your time, toss the gym and come to boot camp. I share my energy with you!