Trainer Paulette

11800170_493995147440390_5668990304777945990_nHi Ladies !

~My name is Paulette, I am a personal trainer, running my own business from home in the South Tampa Area. I am so excited to share a little about me with out getting you bored. I was born in Jersey, raised in Rhode Island and moved to beautiful Tampa, Florida 2010. I recently married my charm in October 2014 and enjoying every second of life with him.

I have been athletic my entire life, I started figure skating when I was 5 years old up until 19 years old. I also played soccer in my high school years ( that counts too ) :). I use to dance professional Salsa and bachata, now just for fun. I have always worked out and 4 years ago I starting getting into Crossfit, Zumba, Boot Camps and so on. I found my passion and love with fitness and dedicated myself  to change lives. I started my out door boot camp about 1 year half or so ago and plan to grow. Aside from boot camp I went back to school and I am a full time Online student studying BS in Psychology. At the time boot camp is on hold putting together another group. So check me out if you want a personal training session !

I started BYou Women’s Boot Camp because I wanted to help women become the women they always wanted in a healthier fitness setting. BYou is a boot camp were you come and be YOURSELF, no level necessary, no intimidations, no speed … just come and be comfortable with your body. This boot camp was put together to change lives and make you love the fitness world as much as I do.

What do I do on my ” Free” time? I am a runner, I just did my first half marathon this past January and looking forward for my first full marathon in January 2016.  I will be running another half in November Rock N Roll GA. I enjoy the outdoors, beach, swimming, traveling and exploring.  I train as well 5 times a week to put together safety workouts for you all. Aside from all the fitness addiction, I spend time with my husband traveling and living every moment.

How’s my personality ? I am very friendly, outgoing , high energy and very positive. I love to talk and meet new people from all around the world. I am super nice and will NEVER SCREAM during training.  ( I am a nice trainer with motivation ).

Enough about me, I hope you enjoyed a little about me and pick me to train you !

See you soon,

Trainer, Paulette

Be You Fitness





Sep2015 river walk


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