Back from holiday, your perfect boot camp dosage !

Ummm if your not on your way here, you better be !!!!!!! Lol Sign in sheet is out ! What what … Let’s goooooo ladies. ! Don’t let the lightening game stop you, you can see it after !




TGIF ! Day 3 of Greens detox cleanse and feeling so great ! Cleared out the toxins by just having my Green Kale shake, my healthy green meals, lentils, green tea and lots of water !
Energy on high and skin looking great !
Took sometime for myself with my TRX rip trainer.. Interested what this baby can do to you let me train you into it, tones and lose weight with it.

Message me in interested here or

See you ladies tomorrow morning 8am rise and shine ! Make healthy choices for to dinner tonight and get some sleep !


Get fit !

Happy Sunday !

That’s right ” bla bla bla ” YOU CAN DO IT AND MORE ! You have 1 week to lose 5 pounds or more to win the APRIL challenge ! Not only you person TRX private session & a gift card but also you get to be confident and tell others how you did it ! Woohoo ! So get moving !

This week boot camp full week ! Tomorrow Arms 6pm bicep, tricep, back !