Quick Ladder Core, arms & legs ! try it

Quick Ladder Video …Core, legs arms ! Hop right into the box pushing back, stable arms while tightening the core.
In hailing and exhaling at all times giving you the results you deserve and want ! You can do it ! Set your mind to do it !


Monday – do it for you !

Remember why your putting the time to exercise. Monday is a great day to think about it and push your body to do it even if you are the person who dislikes Monday’s.
6pm today is the right spot to be for a great work out at Down Town Tampa Convention center front stairs.
No intimidations no regrets no down moments full high energy motivation …
Bored working out alone ? At home ? At gym ? We’ll… Your solution is boot camp group fitness


Monday Boot Camp

If you miss a Monday it will throw off your entire week. Mentally and physically I can assure you that ladies. I have tested my body and I know how it feels. When you work out on a Monday, It feels great to wake up on a Tuesday ! This is why I encourage you to take at least 30 min of your time to work out or find a group fitness and possibly a boot camp around you !

Try it .. Don’t miss a Monday