Don’t be a Turkey !

Don’t be a Turkey ! Don’t be a turkey ! Get your cardio work out this week before and after the stuffing !

I always thought Thanksgiving break was a break to have fun, eat yummy food and more fun ! We’ll people let me tell you, with all that you can add 1 hour or 30 min work out session. It made me feel so much better when it came to Turkey day, I was feeling yucky and full. The day after I was feeling as if I had a normal healthy meal.
I did a full body cardio work ( push ups, burpees, suicides, pumping jacks, sit ups, planks, more push ups, squat jumps )

Give it a try : cardio before and after Thanksgiving, join our boot camp if your around Down town !



Fitness Friday !

Fitness Friday ! Tell me you are capable and you will be !

Let go of any fear you have and find yourself. Go for a run, do some push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, planks, yoga, burpees.. Do Something, but do it !

To be the Best you have to beat the best !


Thursday fitness motivation

Happy Thursday !!!! Fitness boot camp coach off on the streets for some marketing !! Looking to change someone’s life, today !

If your looking for a group fitness come join us in our boot camp classes. We give you all you need to work towards your goals.

Lose weight
Cross training
Building muscle
Strength training

I help you feel confident with your body. I help you and guide you to your strength.

What we do:
sit ups
Push ups
Jumping jacks
Squat jumps
Biceps -triceps
Stair challenges
Quick Ladder
We do it all you name it girls !

Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 6pm
Saturday 8am

Location : Down town Tampa Convention center front stairs, 333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602

What to bring : fitness mat if you have one if not coach provides one for you, water and a small towel.

Call today for your free first class… And great session package discount when signing up.

I am your coach and I want to motivate you to your goals and achieve them.

Call your coach today 813-841-7668 or email us
Like us on FB as we’ll …

Looking forward to transforming you, coach Byouwomensbootcamp !

Coach 3 day detox !

Wedding, Honeymoon & vacation time is all over… It was beyond amazing but ready for my continuing training, school & coaching boot camps !

Now ready for 3 day detox !!!!
If you put the time and effort you will see the results…. Challenge your body and mind to go outside the box. It’s possible, Train today to be stronger tomorrow!